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Surrender: Amplify The Art of Surrender with Candle Vibes

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

  • Have you ever feel you are stuck and can’t move forward? Like you are walking in mud and no matter how hard you work you can’t get out! Yup, been there done that! Sometimes working hard don’t pull you out of the mud…This is very ironic and it contradicts the teachings of “the harder you work the bigger the rewards.” Don’t get me wrong I am not saying to just not do anything. What I’ve learning in my journey is that there are times where you work really hard and other times to just surrender into Divine Will and trust divine timing.

Surrendering is not an easy concept. At times, we feel that surrendering is giving up. However, there is a distinction on this.

Surrendering is the act of letting go of control. We do not let go because of fear of the outcomes we have pictured in our minds. These outcomes are what we think is "best" for us but in reality, our minds can’t really see and comprehend the big picture as the Universe does.

Surrender allow us to save energy why? Because we are not spending unnecessary energy on fear and worries of what we think is going to happen and how is going to happen. We really do not have control. We do have control of our energy and what we do with it.

Remember: Where the focus go the energy goes.

Giving up is allowing struggle and fear to take over limiting the opportunities available.

“The mountains that you are carrying, you were

only supposed to climb”

Najwa Zebian

The Universe is constantly giving us guidance and insights, but we miss them because we are too busy trying to figure out how to make things to work. A good practice in receiving guidance is by quieting our minds, connect with ourown inner guidance and ask for signs.

We can find BIG aha moments in the most subtle messages and signs. Signs could be in songs, animals you see, conversations, movies/ TV shows or any other ways not mentioned. Spirit is very creative😉.

I have been guided to share my journey on learning the art of surrender. Not an easy concept to embody and integrate but is possible with a conscious practice and a willingness to listen and follow your truth inner guidance. For this reason, I created Surrender. I had to learn one or two lessons in surrendering, trusting and allowing.

Lighting the candle will release the frequencies of surrender into the air allowing your being to feel these vibrations. Taking time to center, meditating, praying, quieting your mind and repeating the mantra " I surrender to divine will, I let go of control, and I trust divine timing" will make this experience more profound and you can shift these patterns of control.

Surrender affirmation candle is infused with Angelic Reiki and has the frequencies of trust, letting go, and surrender. Burn time 50+ hours. For more information about my high vibe candles please go to

Thank you for taking time to read and check my newest affirmation candle. Stay tune! there are more affirmation candles to come. Check my website for other affirmation candles

If you are interested to book an energy healing session with me please check my sessions tab or contact me at I am here to answer questions.

Love & Light✨

Silvia, Angelic Reiki Master

PS. I will be posting this en Español for my Hispanic community 💚

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