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Finding Inner Peace in Times of Chaos

2020 has been the year of change, uncertainty, and reflection. One way or another we had to change many things. We had to change the way we think, the way we approach problems, the way we face uncertainty, and that we must face our inner self. 2020 has not yet ended and we are still witnessing changes every day. As humans, we are not comfortable with change. We are programmed to be creatures of habit and to perceive change as a threat. Well, this year has been an unprecedented year for all of us. Resisting change only creates more chaos and suffering, making our experiences more dramatic.

We are witnessing a great deal of chaos in the world. 24/7 we are inundated with negative news about everything that is going wrong…But we have yet to see a positive solution on the news. It is easy to get caught up in the emotions of the moment while watching or reading the news…My best advice DON’T keep watching. Start utilizing that time in ways to find your inner peace. Spend time with yourself and find what the inner self has to offer. We are so used to looking outside for answers and guidance, that we forget the inner world is a rich one with so much to offer.

As an empath, I not only feel my own feelings, emotions, and physical pains, but also the feelings of others including the collective. I must say, the last couple of days I have experienced much anger and frustration that is beyond my own. I realized that this was not only mine but the collective as well. Now that I am writing this, I feel a great release, understanding with compassion for how all we are feeling.

There are infinite ways to find inner peace. It all depends on your preferences on how to find inner peace…I will share what works for me with the intention to shed some Light on your journey. When I think about peace, I see Jesus and I also see Buddha siting in meditation. I am very connected to Jesus. Weeks ago, I realized how much peace he brings me every time I connect to him. He is called the Prince of Peace for a reason. Jesus lived in a very tumultuous time where he had to face and experience so much! When I see him in those times, I see him walking in pure peace surrounded by so much chaos and dark clouds. But he never doubts his path because his peace came from his inner self. His peace did not come from external factors, he found everything within. As he said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within.” Thinking of him helped me to shift and find my balance.

It Is important to allow yourself to feel these emotions. It is okay to feel them, allow them to get through your body and release them, let them go with compassion. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling down…This is part of the journey.

Positive Approaches

Shifting to positive approaches may help you feel better and bring that serenity you are craving.

∞ Throughout your day, take some time to do breathing exercises. Deep breathing centers you because you are bringing high amounts of oxygen into your body. This practice helps you ground as well.

∞ Taking walks allows your body to create flow and release these emotions. Any type of movement can aid this.

∞ Creativity is such a catalyst for peace. Creating something connects you to that inner self that is looking for you. Your soul is craving to be acknowledged and to connect with you.

∞ Taking an Epson salt bath. I cannot recommend this enough. Taking a bath or soaking your feet in salt is very healing and soothing.

∞ Pray, meditate, contemplate. Either of these practices help you to find that inner peace. A simple prayer from the heart takes you to stillness.

∞ Connecting with the Earth and observing how nature works is miraculous. I love watching the birds approaching the bird feeder and listen them chirping! That makes me joyful. Also, petting your animals is healing and peaceful.

∞ Taking a nap or going to bed early helps to just be and let it be.

∞ Find one thing you are grateful for and appreciate it.

∞ Listening to healing music, lighting a candle with intention of bringing peace is an uplifting way to shift to a more peaceful approach.

You can find peace in so many little things in life. Be creative!

We are here to create the best of all situations and to find creative solutions not only for our circumstances but to assist others in one way of another. Sometimes by just radiating inner peace we help others to feel that peace. This becomes a contagious wave.

As a final point, as we keep experiencing the inevitable, we become more adaptable and we find genius ways to create solutions to keep moving forward in our life journey. This shall pass. No storm lasts forever…soon we’ll see the Sun and the rainbow. Remember connecting with God/Source/Creator and beings of Light like Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, the Angels and others is not hard at all. Make the intention to connect with beings of Light with Christ Consciousness and open your Heart. They are already here for all of us, supporting us in these challenging yet exciting times of change in our world.

I hope this helps you shift and find that inner peace. Please check out my newest soy wax candle ZEN | Inner Peace. I created this candle with the intention to bring that moment of ZEN we much need in these times! This candle is dedicated to Jesus and his path of peace, unconditional love, and truth that he walked here on Earth to show us the way.

Zen | Inner Peace comes in different fragrances and has the option to be infused with Angelic Reiki if you want to experience an extra layer of healing energies.

You can find this creation here.

Blessings + Love,

Silvia 🌻

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