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Rose Gold Trinity Frequencies

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

The Rose Gold Trinity collection is inspired by the Divine. This candle collection is infused with Angelic Reiki and has the frequencies of SOVEREIGNTY, DISCERNMENT, AND TRUTH.

Why these three frequencies? 2020 has been an unprecedented year with many events, changes and truths coming up for all of us to see. We are been bombarded 24/7 with information and we are finding ourselves pivoting life on a daily basis. The Divine is here for all of us, to assist us, and guide us in anything we need. Months ago, I received a download of information after been triggered by several spiritual teachers speaking about the rose gold color and the trinity symbol and its frequencies.

SOVEREIGNTY- We are Sovereign beings! We must understand and embody this concept. As sovereign beings, we are responsible for our creations, actions, and thoughts. Think about this: The sun is sovereign; the sun shines continuously regardless of what is happening. As I see sovereignty in my psychic vision, I see it as a pure liquid gold color that resembles our royalty as a soul. Declare your sovereignty and do not consent to illusions. SHINE BRIGHT!

DISCERNMENT- Now more than ever we must discern everything we are witnessing in the world. discernment is taping into your core resonance without your ego. As you put your ego to the side and find your center, discerning will become easier and eventually crystal clear. Everyone has a resonance (frequency) and we all vibrate at different rates in our bodies; therefore, your body will be a great indicator of what you are seeing, hearing, or feeling is truth to you. In my psychic vision, I see discernment as liquid silver to cut through the illusion.

TRUTH-We all have our own truths, this does not mean that one truth is better or worse that the other. It simply means that everyone has their own truth to what they resonate with. We all look at information with our own lenses based on our life experiences and traumas. It is important to tap into your internal discernment to find your own truth. Ultimately, we align to the Divine Truth and it is a clear inner knowledge. In my psychic vision I see copper, which is a great conductor and amplifier of the Divine Truth.

The combination of these three colors: gold, silver, and copper, the result is ROSE GOLD!

These candles and all of my creations are created to bring light frequencies to assist you in your spiritual path. I have many creations check them here

As we work in ourselves by healing wounds and releasing old constructs and programming, we begin to remember who we really are. We remember our soul blue print to be in a state of realization where you know thyself. Knowing thyself allows us to find Divine Truth and know the Creator is in everything and everywhere.

If you are looking to heal wounds and release to start tapping on your soul blue print and to remember who you are consider to have Angelic Reiki Healing + Light Alchemy. These sessions are for those wanting to remove much "garbage" from your field and bodies (energetic, etheric and emotional) to remember who you really are. I also offer intuitive readings, these are not "fortune teller" readings, these are readings to pin point blockages issues or to find guidance and shed light in certain areas in your life. You can check my intuitive readings here

Thank you for your time!

Sending much blessings and light,



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