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May 2021 Incoming Energies: supporting your body

How is the month of May going for you so far? So far for me it feels is going very rapid bringing many body upgrades and changes. What I mean by this? Well, I wanted to share that since the last week of April I started to feel the shifting and the heaviness of this month. Each month has its own flavor, themes, and teaching experiences of all of us, to help us to shift into higher states of consciousness by challenging us and make us look to what doesn’t feel good and release attachments and programs.

Here where I live in Eastern Washington, we had a fire in an area surrounded with sage brush bushes. This area burned for a couple of days. I thought to myself when I came aware of this fire: wow already a fire? is not even summer yet! Then I had a feeling that this summer is going to be very fiery in all levels (energetically and physically) Also, I felt this fire represents purification and symbolically, we are being purging and purifying many aspects of our lives. Whether we are aware of it or not, since 2020 we as a collective and individually have been purging, releasing and purifying.

May so far has been a month of REALLY high energy. This high energy clashes with all the density and heaviness we have in the world. Solar activity has been highly active, and this means we are receiving large amounts of electromagnetic waves from the Sun influencing many aspects of Gaia (Mother Earth) and this includes us humanity, animals, and plants. Because of this, our bodies are changing their frequency to a much higher frequency. These changes can be manifested in many ways in our bodies. This is due to the density we hold in our bodies. Density is the trauma the body holds, and this comes from our ancestral blood lines, past lives, and this lifetime. Be compassionate and patience with yourself as you go through these changes sometimes it can be challenging. But know this is not for ever!

The body is being affected in a cellular level to create the necessary changes to uphold massive amounts of Light. This is a gradual change, and it is happening every time we receive Solar waves (which is constantly) whether you are aware of it or not. Take into count it takes a while for the body to be up speed with higher frequencies because is removing all the garbage from our energy fields, emotional body, nervous system and the physical body to make space for the new frequencies to be integrated and embody.

How are these changes manifested in your physical body?

Of course it varies from body to body. I have clients reporting massive headaches in the front and top of the head, strong teeth pain, and earaches, and lower back pains. Lots of fatigue and sleepiness. The body is going through a period of integration and embodiment of these new frequencies.

Personally, what I have experience this month is lots of strong headaches, ungroundedness, a feeling of floating, lower back and pelvis aches. At the beginning of the month any type of food was making me feel extremely sick into my stomach. I went to a period of feeling sick to my stomach all the time. That’s when I realized my solar plexus was clearing lots of density! The chakra system and energy bodies are being upgraded to remove what no longer servers it to make space for the new! Everything, old patterns, old ways of being needs to go! We are being challenged every day to find new ways of being and release old crap! (literally) lol.

Here are simple ways to assist your body:

  • Stay hydrated and drink good quality of water (filter) your cells are working super hard to change and erase old patterns. Water has consciousness and drinking good quality of water will assist your body in becoming less dense and much lighter!

  • Grounding or earthing is most necessary. In my journey, I found touching the grass or trees very therapeutic, especially in times where I felt floating, not clear or foggy. Because the human body is like an electric rod (the spine) and we are constantly receiving massive amounts of information (energy) grounding assist us in releasing the excess of energy for us to find balance and clarity.

  • Bath salts with Epson or Himalayan salt with sodium bicarbonate are most beneficial to reset your energy and release stress and heaviness. Salt helps to aid body aches. I handcrafted healing salts and healing bath bombs with essential oils you can purchase them here

  • Conscious deep breathing centers you and grounds you. If you are not sure how to do this YouTube has many videos on this. Basically, is taking deep breaths through your nose and inflate your belly until you can't get more oxygen in, count to four and exhale through your mouth slowly. Do this in sets of three several times a day. Remember breath is Life!

  • Use crystals to help you ground and balance. Crystals are just tools to assist us. They are not going to do the work for us 😊. Ultimately, we are accountable for our own self and the self-healing work we are here to do. But we can definitely take advantage of these tools and utilize their frequency. Crystals amplify energy and by working with them they assist you with the specific frequency you are wanting to work with. For example, I like to work with tiger’s eye for grounding and working with the first three lower chakras. For the higher chakras starting from the heart to the crown, I like to use fluorite or selenite to find clarity, balance, and healing. Use your own discernment and listen to your intuition and what you are guided to work with. Your higher Self (Soul) knows what is best for you. Check the available crystals I have in my store here. My 10-year-old son takes care of them, cleans them and charge them in the Sun! He sure loves the mineral world!

  • Self-care practices such as sleeping more, and resting is a non-negotiable act of self-love. This includes saying no to drama (news, tv shows, movies) people, and places. Your inner peace is most important right now and eliminating what is stressing you out will help you to find your true self. Please see my self-love = self-care boxes kits here

  • Prayer, meditation, and affirmations, helps to calm the nervous system allowing us to find a moment of Zen! A prayer to release your worries and concerns is so liberating because you are venting to God/Creator/Universe/Source all your problems and letting them go to the heart of God for resolution. This is so liberating! to know deep within that Creator has your back and your job is to listen and follow the guidance is being given. To find that knowingness you need to seek inner stillness by removing all distractions.

  • Energy healings are a great tool to remove blockages, stress, imbalances and body dis-eases. In my energy healings, I use different approaches, and these are tailor to each client. and each healing is unique. I work closely with the Angelic Kingdom of Light and I offer Angelic Reiki healings and Light Alchemy. I’d love to work you with and assist you in your inner healing journey and offer tools for you to keep moving forward in this journey. You can see my offerings and book here. I have free 15 minutes consultations available click here. These are meant to answer any questions you may have and find out what Angelic Reiki and my offerings can do for you to assist you in your healing path.

Visit and check out all of my handcrafted creations!

Visit my healing site and check out my offerings!

Please note, I only offer tips on what I personally do and has work for me. Please use your own discernment and intuition and take only what resonates and discard the rest 😊. There are many ways to heal!

I would love for you to join me next week on my monthly free group healing meditation. You will find this meditation very profound and healing. Every third Wednesday of each month I offer free 30 minutes group healing meditations. To RSVP click here

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional, please seek medical help as you need to. I am only sharing what people have reported and what I have experienced.

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