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Meet Silvia

Intuitive Empath | Energy Healer | Entrepreneur | Visionary |Mystic | Creative | Light Alchemist |


Since I was a little girl, I have always loved Angels and had a fascination for them; I never doubted they were real and always knew they are here with us protecting us, guiding us, and loving us. With the birth of my beautiful son in 2011, I started to experience an awakening but I did not pay attention nor was I conscious of what was going on. A that time I was a very busy bee between motherhood, going to college earning my business degree and working part time…How I did all of that? I have no idea! Lol! Perhaps a lot of coffee and tons of work but not enough time for myself. Soon after I graduated, everything started to shift very rapidly and literally, shit hit the fan!

It feels like spirit was waiting for me to graduate to start bombarding me massive changes with work, relationships, and more importantly the inner changes in my physical, energy and emotional body. On 2016, I went through a dark night of the soul after I resigned my first job after graduating college (my believe system started to collapse) and I entered in a deep depression along with extremely physical pain, anxiety and massive fears. I did not want to stay in Earth anymore. My son was the reason for me to stand up and keep going!

Long story short, after a lot of emotional processing, healing, awareness, many studies and research I am here. I feel amazing! The healing journey is a continuous path; it never ends. Now I look back and see all the work and pain that I went through and it amazes me the amount of Light that I have now. It is such a beautiful realization. As I keep removing and healing the layers of trauma, I found more Light. There is more room for Light…always and expansion. I am living my Soul’s journey learning and expanding, in service to God and assisting others teaching and offering tools based on my own personal experiences in overcoming many obstacles for your healing journey. To tame the ego and open the Heart completely is a life's work commitment. All is possible. If I can you can too.   

I am remembering who I AM as a Soul and I am embracing the human experience. I believe we are here to expand our soul, transcend and become the super Humans we were initially created for...To have an open HEART and Universal consciousness. 

I am here now in full service to the Divine Plan to assist others in the path of soul remembrance, to ignite your spark so you can tap in to your unique gifts God gave you. 

During my path of remembrance I learned of some of my soul skills  as a healer, alchemist, conduit, visionary, creator and I am activating more as I keep moving forward in my soul remembrance journey. I addition to my healings offerings, I am also the owner and creator of MadreTierra Candles  here I create beautiful HIGH VIBE products that comes from my HEART to bring healing and joy frequencies from the Heart of our Mother Earth and Source/God/Creator. God is the reason I have so many inspirations to share with the world. 


I am a native from Medellin, Colombia and moved to USA when I was 17 years old. I had so many dreams and I always knew there is more that meets the eye. This wasn't an easy transition but it was very much worth it! I had a quite interesting ride in a new country with a new language and culture. I have learned so many skills from the many experiences I had  throughout my 20 years in the US but I have not forget my Colombian roots as well as my cosmic roots. That's right I am not from here but not from there! This a reference from a song from Facundo Cabral "Yo no soy de aqui, ni soy de alla"

I am trained and certified into the 3rd and 4th degree of Angelic Reiki and attuned to the Angelic Kingdom of Light as an Angelic Reiki Master. After experiencing Angelic Reiki, my healing path has continuously changing and improving. I am here to serve the Light and help others ignite their inner healing and find their own Light. 


As many teachers have mentioned, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Being Human is a beautiful gift. We are not taught to work and process our emotions in our body nor to embrace them. As we learn to honor and respect our bodies, we will find a clear connection to Source and our inner guidance.


Many blessings,


Silvia, ARM 

Thank you! Muchas gracias! So much Amor, Light, and Health!

Silvia, ARM



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