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What is Angelic Reiki

Reiki is an alternative holistic modality to heal body, mind, spirit, and Soul that utilizes Universal Life force. Mikao Usui is the founder of this healing modality back in the early 1900s. Reiki is a Japanese word; REI means God's wisdom and KI mean Life Force. Out of this modality there are many different ones as the one I have learned which is Angelic Reiki. This modality came to the planet by Kevin Core on the early 2000s to support the changes coming up and the newer frequencies arriving to the planet. This modality works directly with the Angelic Kingdom of Light.

In my early spiritual awakening journey, I realized that my hand would emanate energy or "fire" I did not know what it was until I started to research leading me to many helpful information and people that practice this modality. Reiki is not a religion, nor it has any denomination it simply is a calling for the intelligence of the Universe/Creator/Source/God and its Life force. Because Reiki works with the intelligence of the Universe it can be done as a distant reiki healing. There is no space and time with Universal intelligence.


To be clear, the healings I performed does not come from me, I am a humble conduit for them. These healing frequencies come from God and the beings of Light like Jesus, Mother Mary, Angels and many others that Love us Unconditionally and are here to assist us in the journey of life on Earth. 

I genuinely love working with these beings of Light and the Life force of God. I truly can attest that my life has exponentially change for the best. I was able to heal from the core of my being and let go of unwanted negative emotions, wounds, etc. 

I would love to work with you, to ignite your inner healing and assist you in this path. 

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