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Candles Back Story

Divine Inspiration

I recently became an Angelic Reiki Master. I have to say that my life have changed for the better. I have heal many layers of wounds and I feel happier and lighter. I can certainly affirm that my creativity has increased immensely. Moreover, I feel very connected and closer to GOD when I am creating because God is the source of these creations that I am receiving✨.

I began to create candles in summer 2017. My candles are a creation with purpose to spread Love & Light codes. All of my candles are hand poured and made with high quality products. Every batch I make I pray over, bless them, and bless everyone that come across them. Even if that person does not purchase them, they will still be blessed just by smelling or holding them (it only takes one sniff of my candles to fall in love with them and they go to their forever home 🙌), you can feel the high vibration of Love and care that my products have.

I had feedback from my customers that do not know my process of blessing the candles letting me know that, when they lit one of my candles the environment immediately changes. They can feel a sense of peace and bliss. This gave me validation that I am following my purpose and I am in the right path. ), you can feel the high vibration of Love and care that my products have🤗.

The Divine guided me to create the following collections:

🌈Chakra Collection- These are infused with Angelic Reiki and are intended to help you balance and clear your chakras. The chakras are the connection between our mind, body, and Spirit. For those new to the chakras I will post information about them but you can look them up. There is lots of info about them.

✨Affirmation Collection- These candles are infused with Angelic Reiki and have the healing frequencies of each mantra. These candles are specifically created to bring awareness of our feelings and emotions to ignite inner healing.

Affirmations are a great way to shift negative thoughts patterns and to begin to heal many layers of trauma. We are here in Earth to expand our soul by going through many good and not so good experiences. Some of these experiences leave many layers of wounds that we need to transcend.  

Each affirmation candle is created with the frequencies and qualities of Light to bring forth healing energy.

You will notice each affirmation candle has specific colors to highlight the healing qualities of Light.

🛁Bath bombs - Both options are available with Angelic Reiki or without Angelic Reiki. These are created to clear your aura and body from toxins and take away stress and to help aid body aches as well as to bring healing energy.

🌻All of my creations are to ignite your inner healing and heal trauma one layer at a time.

👼If you would like to schedule an Angelic Reiki healing session, please email me at or visit my FB MadreTierra Healing

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With so much Love & Light~Silvia

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